The flagship product of Satya is the family of LIMS called Flux. Several variations of the Flux System exist to manage data from different laboratories and new ones can be added quickly to be used in the system.


The Flux System is designed to allow data management of several types of biological experiments and is consctructed by using a workflow based control system. To manage a new type of experiment, its execution flow is defined by a workflow editor. After the description of the workflow, the system automatically creates a new internal structure for managing the new data and add icons at the interface for easy access to these.

The system then can manages what activities are performed, which can be executed from the current state of the workflow and allows the complete monitoring of all lab activities. access The Flux system has a system for data access protected by password where the administrator can define which of the laboratory users can perform or view what activities according to projects and clearance allowed. This results in complete control over the data entry and retrieval in the system. The graphical interface is entirely browser-based Web, any computer can access any system function, providing flexibility and secure access to data.