Satya Systems is a company specializing in the development of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMs). Data management systems are commonly used in many areas, but those developed for biological laboratories have special features. This is because biological experimentation has peculiarities that prevent the use of systems developed for other areas. Among these peculiarities can be mentioned the large number of steps for each experiment, the complexity of each stage, the necessity of using standards and measures specific to the area, the need for automatic connection with analysis instruments and the large number of different experiments that must be managed. Satya works on fullfiling the needs of different laboratories developing customized systems for storage, management and data retrieval for each laboratory. Proteomics, DNA microarray and Clinical laboratories are some of the labs currently using Satya’s systems.



The flagship of Satya products is the family of LIMS called Flux . Different specializations of the Flux system exist to manage different types of experiments and new can be created quickly.


The SISAMB system is an electronic data management system designed specifically for corporate environmental management developed from the experience of biologists specialized in environmental management and technology professionals with the purpose of making environmental management transparent and agile.

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