Satya Sistemas is a company specialized in the development of customized data management systems. We develop data management systems geared to the particularities of each business such as environmental management, GLP accreditation, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and others. Data management systems are used in many areas and have specific features that require detailed and precise customization. The development of these systems requires a careful work of systems analysis and programming to deal with details such as the large number of stages of each process, the complexity of each step, the need to use area-specific measures and standards, the integration of automatic management system with several data analysis equipments. Thus, Satya Sistemas develops specific systems to meet the particularities of each process using advanced technologies and modern methodologies of data management. Among the systems developed by Satya Sistemas are SISAMB, an environmental license management system, FluxGLP to support GLP accreditation and Minetrack, a mine dispatch system, in joint development with SEVA.



The main product of Satya Sistemas is the LIMS family called Flux®. Several Flux® system specializations exist to manage different types of processes and new ones can be created quickly.


The Minetrack system is a dispatch system developed especially for mines. Its purpose is to monitor the operation of a mine, factory or other industrial environment, deciding which agents will perform which operations at each location, in order to maximize production.


The SISAMB system is an electronic data management system specifically designed for corporate environmental licenses management. It was developed by biologists specialized in environmental management and IT professionals with the purpose of making the enviromental management in the company transparent and agile.


Flux-GLP is a system with a package of forms developed for the purpose of assisting laboratories in adhesion and recognition to the principles of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). The systems were developed in partnership with INMETRO and with the assistance of consultants from UFMG and UFF and are extensible to several types of laboratories.


FluxMED is an integrated medical data management system designed to store patient information and treatment, which allows the addition of images and test results and helps in the definition of diagnosis. FluxMED has access control and allows access to patient data with the limitations imposed by the main physician or by the patient himself.

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