My Flux

My Flux is what we call the possibility of developing a new version of Flux® completely customized for your laboratory or process. Due to the flexible structure of the Flux® system the development of a new system for data management is fast and affordable. This development begins with defining what data and attributes exist in your lab or process and then the workflow is defined. Your custom Flux® system is then automatically created, and you will soon be using it and increasing the efficiency of your work.


Flux Proteomics

Flux Proteomics is an integrated data management system for proteomics experiments. The system allows the storage and management of data from the preparation of the sample to the analysis of the results. Two-dimensional electrophoresis experiments, chromatography and mass spectrometry are managed. Flux Proteomics stores the causal relationship between the experiments, allowing the researcher to identify which experiments are related to which others, simplifying the process of tracking and controlling experimental errors. Flux Proteomics also allows the connection of the system with online databases and analysis programs to simplify the identification of proteins.


Flux Transgenics

Flux Transgenics is an integrated data management system for experiments on the production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The system provides a complete solution for the management of data produced by laboratories working with GMOs, being able to trace the whole process of GMO production, from the inoculation of the bacteria to the final production of the organism in an efficient and compatible way for the different types of GMOs.